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Böszörményi Zoltá

Far from Nothing

 Near Something (Book Review) - Thomas Kabdebo
 Something Close UP - Emile Fisher
Far from Nothing -  János Oberten
Not Even the Eternal  Woman Is Eternal - Haklik Norbert
Far from Nothing - Százs Emese
Far from Nothing - Kinde
Far From Nothing, Exile Editions, Toronto
Translator PAUL SOHAR

Paul Sohar, the English translator, was born in Hungary and educated in the U.S. He started writing full time when he went on disability form a lab job at a drug firm. The fruits of his labor have slowly dropped into about 200 publications in the U.S., UK, and Canada, and eight books of translations (prose, poetry, etc.). He recently co-authored “True Tales of a Fictitious Spy”, a work of creative non-fiction about the Hungarian Gulag in the 1950’s, published by SynergeBooks (2006). His own poetry, too, found its way into a book, “Homing Poems”, by Iniquity Press (2005).