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Böszörményi Zoltá

The Fragrance of Love

Comments on Poetry

“The Golden Tram” and “The Fragrance of Love” contain poems of unexpected force and unexpected turns of phrasing. The force is implied by the tender images of passion that wind around the beloved woman, challenging her to love. It’s not crude eroticism but the hope of attaining desire and joy that arouses the reader’s interest.  There’s no one I can compare him to… Besides some of the sonnets, my favorite is the eponymous poem, The Golden Tram: “The Golden Tram comes to life, from the mist / her slender crimson-gold body unfolds, / look, she wants to flee, there’s a sudden jolt, / almost slams the door on my hand and screams.”  I must also mention his deft handling of the intricate sonnet form. These two volumes belong on the shelf where I keep my most favorite poems.


György Faludy in Irodalmi Jelen, June 2006